Tips on getting your Veggies fresh and crispTips on getting your Veggies fresh and crisp:

Greens: Celery, parsley, dill, kale, leafy lettuce, broccoli, etc. should always be green and crisp looking. If it's starting to look wilted, pale, or brown, it’s past its prime. Cabbage: Choose a crisp and heavy head.

Root vegetables: Turnips, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, etc: Root vegetables should feel heavy. The skin should be smooth, not wrinkled. They should smell fresh and have an attractive color. Smaller ones are usually tastier.

Potatoes: The skin should be unwrinkled. Green skin is a sign of poisonous solanine. Cutting off the green won’t remove all of the solanine. Dirt on potatoes can be a sign of freshness, because they are usually washed before storage. The eyes of old potatoes start to sprout.

Onions: Should be heavy and hard, with dark skins and no sprouting. Garlic: Old garlic will also start to sprout.

Beauty tips straight from your kitchens Beauty tips straight from your kitchens:

  1. 1. Japanese women savor a cup of green tea after every meal, to shrinkright back to their pre-baby weight quickly.

  2. 2. To minimize of dry skin and stubborn stretch marks (a common post pregnancy result), Indians rub coconut oil on their body.

  3. 3. To revive tired skin, new moms in Sweden keep their skin glowing by splashing their faces 15 to 20 times with ice-cold water when they wake up and before they go to bed.

  4. 4. Tea bags can perk up tired-looking eyes. The caffeine helps shrink the underlying dark blood vessels and forces out some of the liquid that creates puffiness. Soak tea bags in hot water for a minute before plunging them into ice water for a few seconds. Lie down and apply them directly to your eyes for 15 minutes.

  5. 5. Mix your own whitener: Brushing with a paste made of baking soda and water a few times a month removes superficial staining and whitens teeth by a shade or two.

  6. 6. Get milk: Soak a clean washcloth in cold milk and place it over your face for 10 minutes. Milk contains proteins, fat, amino acids, and Vitamin A-all of which reduce redness and calm irritated skin.

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